Bridge Course for Graduates of Deeni Madaris – The Aligarh Model

The Bridge Course for Graduates of Deeni Madaris is a small step towards a much bigger goal. The thoughtful initiative at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is aimed towards providing a window of opportunity to the madrasa graduates for broadening their horizon. At a time when the need to bring the madrasa students into mainstream courses is widely felt, most academic institutions either do not have the infrastructure or culture to change in ways that will meet the demand. AMU has taken a lead in this regards by starting a Bridge course to fill this widening gap. It requires a focused vision and mission to drive a robust implementation plan and sustain commitment for running such a program.

In the modern education system, the madrasa students generally find themselves marginalized and have largely failed to become a part of intellectual elitism. Their madrasa background legacy has forced many bright minds of the Muslim community to confine themselves to a limited set of professions such as muezzins, imams or madrasa teachers. They hardly get any chance to get exposed to modern educational streams or pursue professional careers. The true potential of these young boys and girls remains mostly untapped due to these constraints.

The Bridge course as is being implemented under the able leadership of Prof. Rashid Shaz is producing marvelous results since its inception in 2014. The Bridge course as has been aptly named offers a unique opportunity for the madrasa (Muslim religious seminary) students to join the mainstream educational courses in colleges and universities. The one year course equips and empowers the madrasa alumina to get acquainted with basic tools of English language, science, social sciences and computer skills. The course has been designed in such a manner that students with their hard work are easily able to compete with their counterparts from the mainstream educational system.